What My Clients Say

At A Novel Life, collaborating on stories means building trust and relationships. Many clients return for “the next chapter,” a change in work status or addition to the family. Our clients’ opinions are, ultimately, the final word.

“This whole process has been amazing and really sparked great family conversations… Thank you for guiding us through it and helping tell a bit of our family stories. Each family is unique and we all have stories to tell. I am just loving that we have the opportunity to hear and share our individual lens of our lives with each other.”

– Vanessa Diamond


“Your talents and the resulting book will leave a lasting legacy of my parents’ life, for which I cannot thank you enough.”

– Cliff White


“Dara and I really appreciate all your support and perseverance on this project.  My objective when we started this project was twofold:

1) Create a process (’Journey’ as my sister would say) that would be cathartic, enjoyable, and memorable for my mother

2) Create a legacy for my family and generations to come that would celebrate and remember my mother and Her Passionate Life!

You have met and surpassed these expectations and we cannot thank you enough.”

– Devin Schain


“We love the book. And more importantly, my parents got so much out of the process. Thanks for the hard work and patience.”
– Greg Diamond