A Novel Life: My Process

A person’s story is so much more than names and dates. It encompasses friendships and passion, moments of triumph and celebration as well as times of failure and profound sadness. We can tell the whole story in A Novel Life book.

A Novel Life Process

It is in revisiting those moments that we begin to build a legacy. That’s why A Novel Life writers spend hours interviewing all the characters¬Ě whose conversations, connections and conflicts became turning points in a person’s life-story.

At A Novel Life, our job is to listen, probe and integrate in a way that deepens and develops those stories, illuminating the moment and its impact.

To do this, we need the input of those who were there and experienced it firsthand. Interviews begin with the subject and spread to family and friends as the narration demands.

By the time we start asking for such input, we have already established ground rules for the project regarding how to deal with sensitive information and who the audience for the book will be. Rest assured, we are bound by contract, care and concern, to protect the privacy of a subject we get to know so well.

Additional resources such as photographs, maps or family trees are collected along the way. Eventually, a preliminary draft of the story is composed and sent to either the subject or whoever has been deemed editor¬Ě by the family. Several rounds of revising and editing later, and a final draft is delivered. After family and professionals edit the draft, it is sent to the printer.

It’s a year-long process, at the end of which you are encouraged to hold a book-signing with 20 hard-bound books, each packed with captioned photographs and stories that connect past and present with the future, ultimately illuminating the chronicle of a lifetime.